Why we invest

We believe that humanity’s transition from the industrial towards the information age has just begun. The personal compute and internet revolutions have been the first few steps on a century long, exponential journey. In order to solve our most pressing problems we need to innovate on the foundations of civilization. Facilitating exactly that is Inflection’s raison d’être.


What if we could create education systems which optimize for creativity, independent thinking and relevant skills instead of training intellectual robots in following orders?

What if we could unleash our scientists from group think, ideological biases and financial dependencies to let them focus on the exploration of truth?

What if we could create monetary and financial systems designed to foster trustful collaboration instead of burdensome surveillance, censorship and hyper inflation?


What if we could run organizations over the internet (OoIP), underpinned by self enforcing, transparent rules instead of resuscitating 20th century monolith bureaucracies?

What if we could empower creatives to take back ownership over their work and free them from exploitative intermediaries? 


What if we could upgrade the internet with user sovereignty, portable data and privacy in mind instead of exploiting them through a an inhumane attention economy?

What if we could create a world where renewable energy is abundant and broadly accessible?


We believe that the time has come to build back.

What we invest into

We are of the belief that open source software run on stateful computers will unleash a new age of social coordination technologies. Cryptography enabled data portability will disrupt the ways we collect, organize and distribute data through open data graphs. The virtual representations of data objects on such graph will be manyfold including individuals, organizations, identity attributes, assets, commodities, art, media, credentials, IP rights and various types of relationships between all of them.


Smart contracts will be used to move those pieces of data around in a transparent and tamper proof fashion. This information graph unlocks an economy which runs on open source code. We call it the open economy. While we are excited about the crypto native pillars of the open economy we keep an open mind for transcending emerging technologies such as new interfaces (AR, brain / computer), algorithmic innovations (AI, Quantum, ZK, MPC) or computational infrastructure (hardware) for example.


The open economy benefits the collective through open access to markets, knowledge and culture while enhancing privacy and ownership for the sovereign individual.


Bitcoin is the nucleus of the open economy marking the beginning of a new monetary regime based on transparency and neutrality. It holds the potential to separate money, private property rights enforcement and financial services from nation states. Open finance services mostly built on Ethereum and alternative L1s underpin a vastly superior financial system. We take a probability weighted and talent first approach to investing into this category. Given its vast design space we invest across the financial value chain including infrastructure, middleware, protocols and applications. By programmatically distributing ownership and governance of financial services infrastructure we hope to enable a broader distribution of wealth.

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Many of our recent investments fit into this thesis and we're excited about using it as a guide to shape our future portfolio. If you are an entrepreneur on a mission to build the open economy please reach out.