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Inflection invests into transformative networks that broaden access to economic opportunity and enhance information sovereignty.



Inflection is a thesis driven venture capital firm that empowers dissident thinkers to build world changing companies.


Our thesis is a high level expression of what matters most to us. It serves us as a living framework to organise ideas and focus on the right things at the right time. We will continuously iterate over it in the future based on technological or societal inflection points we spot early on.


Inflection invests into transformative networks that broaden access to economic opportunity and enhance information sovereignty.


We believe that the venture capital industry suffers from incrementalism, especially in Europe. We are backing entrepreneurs with bold, contrarian and often radical ideas to enable profound innovation that empowers humanity to overcome its biggest challenges. 



History has taught us that network effects are by far the strongest drivers of growth, human progress and innovation. Increasing the utility of a product or service exponentially with each new user is what we are looking for.


access to economic opportunity

We believe that the ideal of equal opportunity (not outcome) is a strong driver of human flourishing and that it is a fundamental element underpinning balanced, open and modern societies. In our view open markets and competition provide the best outcomes for customers, businesses and broader society. Hence, access to knowledge, data, capital and talent across industries is indispensable to make the ideal of equal opportunity come to life.


information sovereignty

Over the past few decades web technologies have been abused to surveil global populations, to exploit sensitive data, to censor and manipulate information while compromising the security and mental well being of its users. We believe that privacy is a human right und that the next iteration of the web will turn into an open platform that enables permission-less innovation and the free flow of data. 

Many of our most recent investments fit into this thesis and we are excited about using it as a guide to shape our future portfolio. If you are building a transformative network that broadens access to economic opportunity or enhances information sovereignty, let's talk.



We are a team of venture investors and entrepreneurs who worked together for several years. We are complemented by a network of experts with diverse backgrounds and shared values.

We take bold bets based on high conviction in very early stages (first check to pre Series A). We are covering European markets first but have a global mandate.


Providing the best possible long term support for entrepreneurs lies at the heart of everything we do. We value excellence, transparency and commitment to a bold but realistic vision of the future. "Which school did you go to", „You are too early“ or „Who else is investing“ are sentences you won’t hear from us.