Inflection is an early stage venture firm investing into open platforms that empower users and upgrade capitalism.



Anytype - a user owned operating environment built on web3.

Balancer - an automated market maker and price oracle.

Bitcoin - a state-free store of value.

Centrifuge - an operating system for the financial supply chain.

Cosmos - an ecosystem of connected blockchains.

Decred - an internet nation and governance platform.

Ethereum - programmable law.

Foundation - an open source hardware and software platform.

Maker - a bank made of software.

Molecule - an operating system for drug development.

Radicle - a peer to peer stack for code collaboration.

Zcash - privacy preserving digital cash.



We evaluate startup companies as complex, adaptive systems on a case by case basis. At the same time we developed a thesis to articulate what we care about most and where we see outsized opportunities for entrepreneurs. It serves us as a high level framework of thought, hence it is not supposed to narrow our exposure to any specific industries or technologies. As societal and technological inflection points continue to form, so does our thesis.


You can find it here.



We are a team of venture investors and entrepreneurs based in Berlin, London, Boston and Denver. We worked with companies such as Google, Earlybird VC, Index Ventures, Linux Foundation, Canonical, Shapeshift, Taulia, Centrifuge and Greensill. A network of innovators with various backgrounds and shared values is complementing us.

We take bold bets based on high conviction in very early stages (first check to pre Series A). We cover European markets first but have a global mandate.


Providing the best possible long term support for entrepreneurs lies at the heart of everything we do. We value excellence, transparency and commitment to a bold but realistic version of the future. "Which school did you go to", „You are too early“ or „Who else is investing“ are sentences you won’t hear from us.

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Alexander Lange



John Zannos

Venture Partner


Erik Voorhees

Venture Advisor

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Markus Ament

Venture Advisor


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