Inflection is a first-check venture firm investing into the open economy


Anytype    User owned operating environment built on web3

Automata                                          DAO governance markets
Async Art                 Programmable art and interactive media Balancer                Automated market maker and price oracle Bitcoin                                                State-free store of value

Catalog                     Permanent, interoperable music archive
Centrifuge                             OS for the financial supply chain Cosmos                         Ecosystem of connected blockchains Decred                     Internet nation and governance platform Defined                                          Open data platform for Defi

Ethereum                          Automated Wall St. and jurisdiction

Foundation                             Open source hardware security

Housecat                           Social asset management protocol

Maker                                                          Programmatic bank

Molecule                                 Open source drug development

Radicle                                    Peer to peer code collaboration

Sarcophagus                      Decentralized dead man switches

Unstoppable Finance                Mass market access to web3

 Violet                                                Portable identity protocol 

Zcash                                       Privacy preserving digital cash




We are a team of venture investors and entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds based out of Berlin, Boston and Munich complemented by a global network of innovators.

We perceive ourselves as a startup company, not an established venture fund. We incentivise our founders and community through ownership in the fund. We take risks and experiment. We run nodes, govern crypto networks, write code and scale DAOs. 

Our investment process is radically transparent and doesn't take more than 10 days from initial call to an investment decision. "Which school did you go to?", "You are too early." or "Who else is investing?" are sentences you won't hear from us. 

We initially invest between $500k and $1.5M of inception capital across equity and cryptographic assets of all sorts. We cover European markets first but have a global mandate. 

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