Inflection invests into open platforms that democratize access to markets and empower users.



Our thesis is a high-level expression of what matters most to us. It serves us as a living framework to organize ideas and focus on the right things at the right time. It is not supposed to narrow our thinking and exposure to certain industries or technologies. We are continuously iterating over it based on technological and societal inflection points we identify early on.


Inflection invests into open platforms that democratize access to markets and empower users. 


Visionary founders

We believe that fundamental innovation that transforms markets and society is driven by individuals obsessed with original ideas. These ideas are often dismissed as impossible or radical by others but are essential to us. Applying unconventional but realistic technological approaches to humanity's biggest challenges is our passion.


Open platforms

Platforms are ecosystems that are bringing together multiple stakeholders to do business and operate. The value these platforms create is far bigger than the sum of their parts. We believe that open source principles will be applied to various contexts and industries going far beyond software development to enable more reliable, secure, fast and cost efficient services. We value open and neutral architectures which are composable, interoperable and don’t require trust or permission from any third party.  


Access to markets 

We believe that equal access to markets, information and opportunity is the main driver of human flourishing. The Covid19 crisis led to unprecedented government interference around the world with severe implications for our global economic, information, and financial systems. We expect these events to serve as a catalyst for the expansion of an open cybereconomy which guarantees equal access to capital, education, talent, well being, data and knowledge for everyone with an internet connection. 


Empowerment of users

We believe that current web technologies and the incentive systems underpinning them are fundamentally flawed. Addictive software is abused to exploit user attention and behavioural data thereby putting the individual’s physical and mental well being at risk. User centric web technologies and software offer an alternative path to defend privacy, free speech and human rights in the 21st century. 


Many of our most recent investments fit into this thesis and we are excited about using it as a guide to shape our future portfolio. 



We are a team of venture investors and entrepreneurs who worked together for several years. We are complemented by a network of experts with diverse backgrounds and shared values.

We take bold bets based on high conviction in very early stages (first check to pre Series A). We are covering European markets first but have a global mandate.


Providing the best possible long term support for entrepreneurs lies at the heart of everything we do. We value excellence, transparency and commitment to a bold but realistic vision of the future. "Which school did you go to", „You are too early“ or „Who else is investing“ are sentences you won’t hear from us.

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